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indoor water fountainsWJG Mercentile Indoor Water Fountains

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Cascading Water Tabletop Fountain

Fountains have long been believed to hold restorative powers to soothe your spirit. This distinctive fountain features the sound of cascading water, soft glowing light, and striking architectural design that makes it a tranquil addition to your living space. 80" long power cord. Submersible water pump included. 

Our Price:   $29.95
Item:  10016894
In Stock

Four-Tier Tabletop Fountain

A granite look gives this 4-tier fountain a retro feel. It's molded construction makes it leak resistant and comes complete with a 120v UL approved pump. 9 1/2" diameter x 9 3/4" high.

Our Price:   $34.95
Item:  31140
In Stock

Golden Buddha Temple Fountain

Buddha reclines within the shelter of his temple as cascading blessings flow from his glowing basket. Faux-stone tabletop fountain is the perfect centerpiece for your own shrine of serenity! Weight 4.2 lbs. 7" x 6 1/2" x 12" high. Resin. Electric pump included. UL Recognized

Our Price:   $69.95
Item:  14773
In Stock

Hand Of Buddha Fountain

Stone-look fountain is a fitting symbol of the source from which all blessings flow. Cascading water creates a harmonious sound, turning any surrounding into a serene retreat. Electric pump included; 120v, 60 HZ.

Our Price:   $49.95
Item:  12859
In Stock

Joyful Elephant Fountain

Every color and gleaming gem reflects the joy of a mother and child at play! Traditional elephant motif fountain brings a vibrant hint of the exotic that enlivens any décor, along with the merry music of cascading water.Weight 3.8 lbs. 8" diameter x 10 1/4" high. Polyresin. Electric pump included. UL Recognized

Our Price:   $39.95
Item:  D1230
Out of Stock

Littlest Fireman Fountain

You can almost hear the innocent laughter as you gaze upon this child at play! Charming fountain depicts a young boys delight as he watches the waters sparkling cascade from hydrant and pail. 

Our Price:   $179.95
Item:  14644
Out of Stock

Lotus Tabletop Fountain

Turn any room into your homes center of calm, peace, and tranquility with this gorgeous tabletop fountain. The soothing sound of gently cascading water flows over stone-like lotus blossoms and into the basin. Submersible water pump included. Weight 4.6 pounds Dimensions 8.5" x 8.5" x 9.25" Fiberglass

Our Price:   $59.95
Item:  10016930
In Stock

Peaceful Buddha Tabletop Fountain

The peaceful face of Buddha and calming sound of trickling water will give you a sense of serenity. Sculptural and modern, it will be a handsome addition to your room. Simply plug in this tabletop fountain to make it glow with soft light and flow with cascading water. 76" long power cord included. Submersible water pump included. 

Our Price:   $29.95
Item:  10016893
Out of Stock

Red Dragon Tabletop Fountain

This LED light up fountain is the perfect tabletop sculpture for your castle! A regal red dragon protects his treasure while making your room glow with medieval style, and the gently cascading water and clear orb cast a soothing ambiance. 77" long power cord. Submersible water pump included.

Our Price:   $29.95
Item:  10016895
Out of Stock

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